Why are stupid people stupid?

The last few months have seen me relegated to ‘bog’ class in the 3 main frequent flyer programs I am a member of as work has been either more local, or has some sort of travel embargo enforced! Suits me, I’ve had my fair share of travel and hotel stays.

Having been subject to relegation, I am thinking that maybe I would miss all the stupid people as there is less chance of having to tolerate their nonsense, alas not!

Firstly, my birthday weekend – an awesome, hilarious weekend in Prague ended with some Jet2 / EDI ‘we didn’t know you were coming, airspace is busy, call back later, divert to Glasgow’ nonsense. This was further complicated but an idiot of monumental proportions, as in: we should be forced to ask if he should be allowed out by himself – sparking a cigarette on a packed, security-sealed confined aircraft with c180 simmering tourists on board! Where in his minuscule brain – I say brain, but maybe we should go with the contents of my bin – did he think he was going to hide?

Suffice to say said genius was reported, arrested, publicly humiliated, abused (alas only verbally!) by his fellow passengers and tossed from the plane, 44 miles from Edinburgh.

A true candidate for section 14 of the Mental Health (Scotland) Act!!

Moving on to the collective genius (genii??) that is the neighbour that proceeds to park her car in front of my garage; a garage shared amongst 70 flats professing to ‘only be 5 minutes’ & and continuing to do so when cars are trying to leave the garage!

What’s is wrong with these people? Where do they come from?

They need to be rounded-up, attached to a high-current by protruding body parts and shocked until dribbling to limit any public hazard!

In other news, my brother Alan received word that he will proceed from his recent first-class honours degree to a phD in October this year; one of this worlds truly brilliant people; complete with common sense! Proud brother, proud!

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