Euro Update 2: Camper van?

Yeah, it’s true, it was said to me this week that I would be better off in one of those big American-style Winnebago vans! Actually part of me likes that idea. I have been at home for 2 days out of that last 26; will be home for 2 days and then I am off back out on assignment on a 1-way flight. Granted, I like the idea of having a base, even if my mum is in the flat more than me; but man that mortgage is a drag. Of course if the pile of bricks was rising in value that would be great, alas I fear that is not the case.

No matter; I am having a good time. I have had a little break from work, and have accepted a role back at a large logistics company in Prague for the next few months. Not to mention being in the land of stunning, just stunning women; great sunshine and fantastic beer. Naturally, having some good mates around you too is also awesome; the laughs we have had of late, dear me!! If you are a Facebook friend, I am sure you have some seen some of the photos and shared in our laughs. We work hard, but we party harder, it’s a good mix.

I mentioned some months ago, in one of those “25 things about me” that those that have not lived away will not see the benefits of social networking as much as those that have. My point was that it is a little insight into those at home’s lives. I note this week that a school friend Sarah has had twins – congrats, I almost felt like I wanted one. (Then, I had another beer and the feeling went away !) Susan has new wheels, welcome to the Audi club Susan. My good friend Laura has returned from New Zealand, although there seems to be a lack of photos, hint hint hint. I also note that TeamJarvis’s new found friends Ian and Helen have returned from their Ski Season in Chamonix and are in my town! Of course if they have forgotten that barrel of Mutzig, frankly, there’s no point in calling! 😉 Oh and that I am still every bit the lunatic I profess to be. It was good to see (and hold up) James this past holiday weekend in Prague.

I return home this weekend to collect my ironing – been with the ironing man for 4 weeks, likely he has sold my shirts and open my mail, see my granny and some friends too. Cant wait.

If anyone wishes to come visit me in Prague; you are more than welcome; every weekend is funny in some way, and the weather has been just fantastic. I have plenty of space if you wanna stay.

Righty, seat 7c here I come …