Music – it’s been talking to me!

This is going to sound a little whacky and a bit “out there”, but having been getting more and more into my music over the last few years; it has become obvious that it has been talking to me.

Events of late have played out in lyrics just too many times to be coincidence and it does bring a sense that someone is looking out for you. It’s a good feeling; if one that may require therapy at a later stage.

I have had to confide in myself to find some solutions to things that have been very personal and music has been a real motivator to getting the job done. Much of what I have done; both personally and professionally; has required a great degree of concentration and commitment; and music has made so much of what I have accomplished possible.

I thank ABBA for the music; and am now off to therapy as cleary I need some help; failing that medication 😉

(If my mother is reading – that was a joke!)

Today: Happy Birthday Hoggan: it’s been a while my friend!