TeamJARVIS: Days 1 thru 5

This is EXACTLY how to do snowsports; man we are having the best time with the best people. Team Jarvis arrived to glorious weather, tons of fresh snow; and the warmest of welcomes to Chalet Christoph (

I have skied, boarded and bladed all week in the best conditions ever seen. I have had reason to scream “yeeee haaaa” many many times in delight at the trails laid down behind us.

Of course intermixed with all this snow bollocks is but a little drinking and last night I did a Yard of Ale -photos to follow – and won!


More to follow on this blog, but I am off to enjoy another hearty 3 course meal and a beer, then an hour in the Hot Tub; before I launch into Morzine for a night on the Mutzig!