Sleep tight Steve, this world needed you.

It’s been a long long time since I felt motivated to put finger to iPad and write a bit. But Steve Jobs died today. I never knew him. He never knew me. But he was a mentor to me for many years. A mentor that oozed so many of the things I want to be.

He was ‘I can change the world’ personified, and managed to build and maintain the means to keep doing it. He learned to say no. He was comfortable in what he knew. He asked few questions but got on with it. He proposed his vision, delivered on it, made mistakes, fixed them all while building a massively loyal following for doing so. Yes, I have read he was bossy, pushy and demanded detail but you cannot doubt the success this lead to. And frankly, we have enough road-block-time-life-progress-sucking wasters that need bullied into being useful. Not that I think Apple would hire any of them.

A friend made a Facebook post that the passing of Steve seems to have brought forth a tsunami of grief in people when there may have been others more deserving. Others who have made huge humanitarian contribution or made massive sacrifices; those who you would expect to receive such attention. But with Steve’s Apple, there was simplicity, value, quality and countless other life goodies that all made massive contributions to our day to lives. I rave about my Apple retail experiences because the are plain brilliant. I plain don’t rave about any other store because it’s shit. Apple defined the standard.

I genuinely believe the world is a little less better off today with you leaving us, Steve. You were brilliant with no bullshit and I will do well to will continue to develop my ‘Steve’ skills. The job of Steve Jobs is not one to be filled. There will be the same millions literally looking up to you in iHeaven just as they did down here. In fact, I suspect more so.

This world needed you, Steve, RIP fella.