All change, all change.

So, change is good, eh? It’s certanly inevitable!

Been a year or so in my current project role; and alas the latter 3 months have been tough. I thrive on making progress and starve without it; it is something I have to have in a role. Moreover, when I am starved of this progress by those who cannot see the wood from trees; I start to look for what I call the “graceful exit”. Suffice to say I found the exit and bowed out.

It was the first time in 13 years of contracting that I have done this and its feels weird. I have always remained steadfast until I have delivered. I thought hard about what the difference was this time: there are many reasons that need to remain confidential for obvious reasons, but I can state that the corporate enterprise can be really deaf at times to what it is being told. Naturally, it then demands the right to be upset when the air conditioning is soiled.

I wish everyone well where I left them; especially to those involved in handover.

I have been out on some personal business this week; again details are not for public consumption but have had some time for planning next steps. I have had a few offers to go “for a chat” to talk over opportunities and I will be following up next week; but I think I have decided where I am going for a while. We will see how that pans out.

Change is good but unsettling. I am almost totally mobile these days and crave some home comforts a lot. Granted I know that it takes me not very long to become bored of the very things I crave; weird. I miss friends etc but I counter this with a big event every so often. The boys and I went to Arran last Friday for a few jars and man; it was funny and good to see everyone. Brings meaning to coming home for me; I can go home sometimes and not see anyone but family, although important to see them too.

More later on what opportunities are to be grabbed at.

Did I mention I was proud of my brother. 😉