The Wise Men have Spoken!

Following on from my post on “Needing to Understand“, yet more discussion between the “Wise Men” have come up with a few pertinent points that very few ask themselves until it’s too late.

So many are ruthlessly focused on what they gain for themselves that they forget that so much can be gained from just stopping for a while and looking at the way in which your actions affect others. No more so that those closest to you. How many times have we said things in the heat of the moment, and lived to regret them, just because our default programming is to look after number one!

This year has again taught me that you can’t always expect those around you to just “deal” with what you have to say, and that things that you brush off as “pah”; other may actually find quite stessful.

Referring to my “Homer Humour“, Experience is harsh – you get the tests first (and of course the ability to fail), and then the course work – i.e. the learning comes second.

Those who look after number one all time may not be aware, alas the learning c& realisation comes with a shock!

If you’re reading this, then the realisation will come as to where your focus lies! Change that default programming!