What’s wrong with people?

As all will know, I am lucky enough to spend a massive part of my working life in airports and on planes. There are some who thrive on this; and some who hate it! To be honest; I am actually both; I go through bouts of hating and loving it all at the same time. I love being at home; but I love the fact that I can get out and about and work from another office, city or country!

This facet of my working life leads a good number of revelations and surprises; and I am not talking of magicians walking up and down the plane entertaining my travelling peers; but that en-mass stupidity of the travelling man; and I use the term “man” in the unisex way; if you see what I mean.

It would appear that the moment a frequent flyer card is dished out; that a huge amount of both common sense and intelligence is lost. I have seen some hilarious things; but today; I looked on and donned my usual face when I see such actics. The face says should be interpretted as “… where in your head do think it’s OK to do that?”.

I like a cuppa tea in the AM and so often drop by a Starbucks or whomever and pick one up. Today, a gent, fairly well-to-do was in front and was ordering a coffee. He wanted to to add some milk, he saw fit to porr a third of his “grande” into the bin! Yes, the bin, with a bag with anti-suffocation holes in it. He was then surprised when the overspill he wanted to replace with milk then rolled along the floor from under the bin. I looked on as he attempted to suggest that bins should be water-tight in a failed attempt not to look like a numpty in front of a entire 319’s passengers!

Regardless, as to whether the bin should be water-tight, removing the bag from the bin is only going to entire that this numpty’s tea is dragged the length of the airport.

Reminded me of the time on the train where another “corporate exec” broadcast his phone conference details to an entire carriage of a train. His “fog horn” tones were rubbing most up the wrong way as we could all see from facial expressions being exchanged.

He remained none-the-wiser. What I can say is that when I dialied into his call; there were 4 on the call, but I heard 7 beeps normally indicative of people joining teleconferences. Go figure.