What’s up Kenny?

The question I have answered many times this week and from many a far-flung land too; ahh the reaches of modern technology. Here’s the cut n slice of it: In my (professional) world, there is one thing I chase; one thing that drives me; and one thing that drives me; PROGRESS! I need it, I crave it and my god this week, I have prayed for it! But, not matter what I wasn’t allowed any. Instead, what I got was ignored, ignored and oh yeah – ignored!

The commercial head on me kicked in and started to add up the costs if such ignorance and lets just say it wasn’t a fiver!

Anyway, I find myself more accepting of the corporate kindergarten this weekend; but still lack understanding of how some companies service new business; and remain completely flummoxed about how they win new.

For obvious reasons, entities shall remain nameless; but those in the know, know who I am referring to.

In other news, this week I started the migration of the messaging platform I run from Exchange 2003 to Exchange 2007. An exciting time; as there are many benefits to be had as well as being shiny and new. Of course, I am about to show those that I have been asked to serve – referred to above – that this Exchange migration is actually something that we need not fuss about.