… what would it take?

Much of what has been in the press recently has touched us all, alas unless you are directly involved, what can one do other than offer compassion and support. Much of what goes on in life that makes you think for any prolonged – pre-sleep period has to affect you personally, and have a direct impact on the way you live, interact and untimately have the influence to change the way you think!

Much of the way people are by the time they reach their late 20’s are the way they will be for the remainder of their days. They have formed their opinions and worked out what they like in life; and might have a wee list of things they want to do, and gadgets they want to buy!

What I fail to understand is why so many stop trying to live their life and follow their hearts and actually make something of the hopes and dreams that trail them to sleep every so often. There is plenty of opportunity in life to do all the formal stuff; buying houses and cars, follow ones career, but most seem to make excuses of being “too busy”!

Having had my fair share of life-defining points, and realisation actually beyond most, to me, it has never been more obvious that so many are shoved along by what is called locally as the “Newton Mearns dream” supported on the wills and morals of their parents, and on the premisce that this is the right way to do it.

I have news for you …

It is this very approach (granted “one of the approaches!”) that builds “divides” in communities, societies and even friends, and one that breeds attitude and intolerance, not to mention a lack of appreciation & pride.

“Weans” of today are lazy, spoiled, slopey-shouldered, come complete with a stinkin’ attitude and lack staying-power even in themselves; and the term weans extends further (age-wise) than you might think!

I know where my respect goes!