What have I learned this week?

I like to think that I am open to learning all the time, and I think I do take on board what seems to be important to be aware of, or appreciate the tings that pass us by each day. However, it has never been clearer in this world of love and hate, of war, terror1sm, and hatred; of Christianity, and all the other religions I struggle to pronounce; of technology and living without broadband & Sky telly, that a guy should not, “for the love of the man that made the wee apples” (as my granny says); and for the sake of his health suggest to, attempt to, or joke about denying access to the sugar -coated delights of CHOCOLATE during “lady’s week”.

I will never, ever, ever again underestimate just what happens to ladies during this hormone / personality replacing torturous time.

Consider this man educated! Nuf said!