Update: Travel Masterplan

Ok – so I signed into MSN Messenger today with the headline: News: Canada here I come, and as was expected and probably my subconscience “want”, was hit with; “where, what, when, how long …” etc! So here’s the deal.

Yes – the Masterplan has taken on somewhat of a different plan, resulting in both my bro and I heading off on our own little adventures!

There is no better motivation than having something to look forward to, and personally, I am never happier – except when on ski / blades hurtling down the nearest mountain – (oh and the earest ones are in Scotland, so maybe somehwere abroad) than when I am travelling, so I am off!

I am heading to Canada for Xmas & New Year this year, heading off on Dec 16th for a Snowsports Extravaganza and for those in the know – to work on a wee project! I have some friends there and so will do a little touring as well!

Plan so far: Depart on Dec 16th, and arrive in Calgary! That’s it at the mo!

More news soon!