Update required: Yes!

I was reminded today to update my journal; as many are missing the banter – sorry guys too much mortgage paying work going on to be slapping the keyboard here, but here I find a couple of minutes to update the world and keep my home on the interporn full of compelling content ….

So – Stardate is – no idea – when I save this; it will be dated – go look; and I am sat in my office in Prague on the final 10 weeks of this shit tip of a project. In fact, the 9th of October marked a year on international assignment; cannot get my head around that – where in the hell has the time gone? Well; I tell you – it’s been spent in various parts of the world trying to integrate 2 rather large logistics businesses who; like petulant children just have not wanted to play! That said at half past October – we are cooking with gas and I can report great progress – so good job team!

2007 has been a great year for travel – I have seen places I never thought I would; and in doing so have managed to overcome myf ear of being locked up in some Thai jail for farting or something – have been convinced that I am “lucky” enough for that to happen; and have hence avoided travel to Asia for that reason.

 Of course – that is absolute horse shit and I am sure that I will always have a place at Sree’s table in Malaysia – How are ya Sree – I trust you’re reading. Regards to the family my good man!

In other news – 8 weddings this year – jeeezuz – I have kicked the shit out of the wedding budget this year that’s for sure – and when you tack on the flights costs of getting home … that said there are few I will fly sleezy jet for; but it goes without saying that I would not have missed said weddings for the world. Up to 4 weddings next year already – playing best man at 1; and I am sure the rest of my year will see a scattering on christenings and maybe even our first- sorry 2nd – divorce.

Wedding Cottage Party

Will I be flying from Prague for said events – well the next few weeks will decide; but I am keen to stay in Prague a little longer – the person who reminded me to update may well have a say in this 😉 Having managed to get some time to enjoy outer Prague – I would like to explore more …

Dobrou noc (Good night in Czech!)