Today: One year in London

One year ago this week, I started working in London and I can’t belive that it’s been a year already. Part of the year was just the right mix of home, away, work and pleasure but the other half has been too much away. There has been times when I have looked for more challenges at work becuase I have so much time to fill; which has led to few occasions for pleasure.

The change has come as a result of the move to London and the move in assignments.This led to spending more time away from home; and away from the interaction I need with friends and family. One of those scenarios where you don’t realise what you have until it’s not there; and where all the things you need in life become very obvious.

This period in London marks my 2nd attempt in calling London “home from home”, where I thought having made a few changes in my approach would mean that I catered better for my needs; alas not. SImply put you can take Kenny out of Glasgow, but you can’t take Glasgow out of Kenny! Even then my home town as a place is but a small part of what I miss.

London is a fantastic city, but for the tourists here – myself included – it’s a far cry from home especially when you’re not doing the travelling thing are are just here working!

Family, Boys, Girls, Glasgow: I am coming home!