to those who haven’t bothered their …

… back from France, had the best time skiing, moving to London for a wee while, and buying two flats (1 done!!) Yeah I think it’s fair to say that I have some plans to get on with this year, alas there is one thing that just does not seem to want to go away … one thing that out of everything I want to go away and leave me be for a wee while. One thing that at a cost of more than twice what some earn in a year has taught me enough to give me letters after my name, yet it’s still here!

I have lost the will to fight, they know my name where I go, I am greeted when I arrive as if I work there, and until I leave doing a a cart wheel, they know I will back before the window cleaners weekly visit !

Fight it as I do, try me as it does, cost me as it continues to … I know what I did was right and I still have no regrets on what I tried and succeeded in doing.

To the 3 friends that called me today, THANK YOU, you are now on the “friends for life” list, to those who haven’t bothered their fucking arse, don’t worry I am not going to get the hump or get the voodoo dolls out, just know it was noted; your conscience will do the rest!