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Not everything I write is a personal thought or an opinion on a recent event, or event a rant. I like to provide some information too; you know spread the love and all that. Being plugged into the connected world, I am fed by a whole ween (if that’s the word?) or article on everything and anything. And just before any smart arse comes and advises that they are not interested in the latest from; I do actually find other pieces of news interesting.

Here are a few articles that I came across this week:

A fantastically written letter, well deserved of a company who still have one of my liquidated company’s lines active and diverted to my mobile:,39024661,11028197,00.htm

Get a Mac: the ole PC v’s Mac line:

Home working takes technology & discipline but is liberating:


Dr iTunes: actually surprised that an NHS PC started!:

That’s it: “create a supercar, when the driver’s blind”:

New Site for v6: all shiny and sparkly:

When not to have your belly button pierced: Coat Hanger:,,30000-13523408,00.html

Got Broadband? Get Skype: VoIP Calls / Video Conf & New Cheap Txt Msgin:

Snow Patrol’s new Album out: Eyes Open