This week …

… and so another week come to an end, and yes I have found myself back in shitsville again, but I am thriving on it! The project I have been working on still has the same technical and cultural challenges, but I am used to that now. How commerce has ever survived without email I have no idea. I am told on one hand that people can’t do their job without it, but when they do have access to it, the don’t read what they have been sent, let alone reply ot godforbid ACT!

“I am too busy to read email” says one, “I have a secretary for that” says another. Allow me to get straight to point here. If business is so reliant on it; then by NOT reading your fecking email, you are not doing your job! Now I have been a manager of technology and people enough in my time in business and if this was the case, I would be saying MAKE TIME, or FIND THE DOOR!

All that ranting done, I am heading back to the motherland for a weekend of pre-festive drinking and shopping!

Just before I sign off, here’s is a little insight into my week! (No it wasnt me, but well, someone had to deal with the aftermath, personally I have no idea who the “someone more technically knowledgeable” is ;-))