Things you never knew about Prague

Ok – so first 2 weeks in and I have spotted a few things in this here city of Prague; and I bet you never knew:

  • They have the most efficient taxi service I have ever used. You call; they address you as Mr Kenny (in my case) if you have called before; they use callerid to identify you. They then have you hold on in the comfort of your own home until they know a car is en route. By the time you have walked down the stairs – it’s there, virtually every time. Granted, they still drive like lunatics on occasion – just buckle up.
  • For a former middle eatern country – that still has the Chernobyl look in some places – it has one of the best mobile networks I have ever used. Might sound a bit techie; but it does meand that there are no blind spots; that you are not chained to your desk (as you cna work from a cafe); and that usin your mobile to surf – limited as it is – is actually viable. You can book taxi’s & pizza using your mobile.
  • Erotic City is siutated next to Tesco’s
  • Be preared for some of the worst restaurant service you have ever seen. The French are positively shiny beacons of customer delight in comparison.
  • Go visit La Bodegeita, a Cuban restaurant where you can enjoy the a live samba band, a trough of Mohito and a real Cuban cigar before bed – wicked fun.
  • They have broadband delivered through the electricity power points.
  • They have a Marks & Spencer
  • The local beer – which isn;t too bad – is a £1 a pint; but it comes which a large head. Deal with it – that’s just the way it is!
  • ATMs are everywhere – worry not about nesding to carry lots of cash.
  • The toty is magic; and I am not talking about “that” toty!
  • They serve mulled wine all the time.