The “P” word: Privacy

No ones likes to have their “personal space” invaded; no one likes to have their closet stories publically aired; and everyone has some traits of their life that are, and should be destined to remain between their ears, or told amongst close friends or family. Yet, from what I can see, there are some doing a decidedly crap job of protecting their privacy.

Now, if you have committed some horrendous crime against humanity, then I adopt the “Jack Bauer” methodology; which states that you gave up the right to privacy and breathing when you committed said crime. I, therefore, am looking to those mainly law-abiding citizens amongst us who need some education.

We need to protect our privacy; as in this wired world, it is massively at risk and more so than you might think! Take the very naive Jeremy Clarkson, a man whom I like as he says what needs to be said, perhaps in a manner that would bring our the Jack Bauer in anyhone, but none-the-less, I like the gent. He has done for motoring what Dyson did for hoovers: made it trendy! Anyway, I digress. Jeremy published his bank details online stating that all this privacy bollocks, was well, bollocks. This then happened! He learned the hard way, but he learned.

When you consider the number of people (direct and indirect: eg, friends of friends on facebook), companies and other entities that you entrust your data to, which no matter what you read, is entrusted to what humans want to do with it, in the computer they program and use; we really must adopt a minimal approach. How much data do you need to complete this transactions? An example, hiring a car this week, the agent in the car hire hut asked me for my employer. “Why?” I asked. “No reason” he said. “Why ask for it then”, I asked, to which he replied, “I don’t know!” This of course turned the whole conversation into a rather unfortunate exchange on “non-compliance” conversation and him, no doubting thinking I was being difficult. Nope, I am protecting my privacy.

Now, all of this may sound really stupid coming from a guy who has, a profile on Facebook (I binned my Bebo one!), and a Public Journal; but my approach is one of vigilance as what I do professionally is greatly assisted by the marketing value of Facebook is screwed down so that the only way info can be shared is by my so called “friends” and I check all other deemed secure info daily, banks etc!

Getting to my point: you need to as switched on as your broadband, give only the minimalist amount of info in any transaction and question the use of any such info. If you dont get an answer you like, don’t surrender it. The likelyhood is that you are more switched on than the person you are volunteering the info too.

Go check your Facebook profile for uneccessary info, address, mobile number, etc,

Anyway, more banter next week, perhaps more jovial then! Enjoy your holiday weekend folks.