the commute, mobile working & “the city”

Greetings one and all from the delights of my Dilbert-style cubicle here in London where I earn my worth. It’s mid-week, so time for a little reflection on what the world has put my way this week.

The morning commute is by far the biggest waste of time, energy & money ever, alas granted so many of us need to do it. Need to; or are we just going with convention? Yes there are some roles that need to be hands on, others less so. No idea what that best approach is, this was simply an observation I made this AM sitting on the M4.

Which brings me to:

I have long been an advocate of the “working from home” mentality; as this bodes many benefits to us all; to the environment and arguably to the “enterprise” too. I say “arguably”, as in discussions this week, it was suggested that prolonged “working from home” can breed a little laziness, etc; and I found myself agreeing. Having the technology & discipline to work from home is actually not enough; we all need people to collaborate with; this is what brings out the best in us. Yes, we have all the tools; phones, instant messaging, email and no-doubt a whole host of software at our disposal; but even with all this tech nonsense; (and as I have been saying for years!) people still buy from people. So it matters not if your selling baked beans or an idea; get some fleshy sorts round about you.

I am of course not suggesting that we bin working from home; but more that a happy medium be reached, do the planning days from home, or the “peak” travel days at home (that’s Monday & Friday, usually), and the core days in the office. Just make sure you’re tooled up; as this will keep ones boss happy that you are at least engaging in work, and not series 3 of 24!

I joined some friends for some dinner and drinks in a bar in the city (London) at the beginning of this week; and amongst some familiar faces, were some new faces. Great, I thought – some new people to meet. Alas, some had had 5 bottles of wine and made less sense than an “off shore” call centre and those that could speak wanted to run a credit search on me. What do they do to you guys down there? Yes I am a Scotsman; no, I am not gay because I don’t follow football, no; I am not gay for bringing my car to dinner; and yes – you were irritating.

More next week sportsfans!