That exotic art of jet-setting around

… And oh so exotic it is! Not! Being shoved around by security, well so called security staff, having just been checked in by our lady of perpetual pre-menstrul tension, only to then baord a sardine can, to then be told there leaves on the runway, and delayed an hour while we wait on the blowing away; rounded off by a “hope you enjoy the flight with us, today” sign off from the captain!! Phew! Why would anyone think this is exotic?

I fly only as driving cuts into my weekend, but I tell you its a very close call.

Last time I worked it out, there as between and hour and 90 mins difference between flying and driving Glasgow to London, and with driving I don’t feel violated by security, insulted by check in staff or vacuum packed by the cabin!

Hold the phone, why am I on board a plane?