Spend it to Save it!

I have been some 14 years in technology and long involved in the “ahh, you work in IT, can you help me with my computer?” conversation. In fact, I almost bought a t-shirt saying “no, I will not fix your bloody computer!”.  I naively thought that as I have been having this conversation for 14 years that it would have changed over time, alas not!

Generally, people are stupid, yes – but for whatever reason when it comes to technology; they are even more so; some even going so far as to say they are scared. Behave!

Essentially; there are some fundamental tasks that needs to be taken of when venturing into the world of technology – oh and I am talking of computing – laptop / desktop technology here –before you even think about relying on said device for work. In fact, it may not be work, but nothing more than the 000’s of photos that you have taken since that Christmas when you were given a new fangled camera.

Fact remains that computing requires maintenance in the same way your car does.

All of the above may seem obvious but there seems to be dome reluctance, ni on utter resistance to have these tasks taken care of. Is it the time involved? It is the costs involved? What is it? I don’t understand!

What prompted this was a friend of a friend mentioning that he has lost all his data to a virus – a bold statement – and probably totally incorrect – but a statement that propagates around those that – wait for it: didn’t extend their AntiVirus beyond the 30, or even 90 day trial period – AND update it; didn’t back up their data; and left their router open to the world.

Now, the argument to the latter is that there is necessary knowledge required to perform these tasks. Bollocks – if you were looking for car insurance or how to drill a hole in tiles – you would go google it! Yes, yes, you would – you’re reading this journal of mine and so clearly found it; this means you’re on Facebook; knew me and so came looking (hence you know of this journal) or indeed were referred here by google; in any case quite a competent internet user.


  • GET a credible AntiVirus product; and I recommend PAYING for it!
  • Make sure you MAINTAIN your computer – if in doubt – ASK how you do it.
  • BACKUP all your data / software
  • PROTECT / SECURE your WiFi router from public use (there are “almost” legal obligations to do so!)
  • EDUCATE yourself on the above – it changes all the time.

My point: ignorance of “the (home computing) law” does not excuse you from it; and if you fail to protect your technology; you will loose data; simply a matter of time.

No such thing as a daft question; just questions that were daft not to ask!