So Kenny, what of this week?

Well in this issue of my journal: a weekend in London, getting stuck in Heathrow terminal 1; 37 minutes exchange of “looks” in Starbucks and of course the usual “observations“; and a new feature: challenge of the week!

This week I decided that I was going to stay in London for the weekend as I had a little (and I mean little!) work going on; some friends were coming to town and the thought of having to spend 11 hours in my car over the weekend was really not appealing (I need my car in London these days!) So, stayed I did.

Friday, I chilled – always good to either have a massive blow out or chill – so I chilled with a friend and took in some home cooking and about 7 episodes of 24 – love it! On Saturday, some friends had come to London, so I was up early exercising; preparing and psyching myself up for: THE TUBE! Indeed, having made some plans; and leaving enough time for travel; I headed for the urine-smelling festering rikity barge that is the tube and true-to-form it was delayed by a north easterly breeze – I mention just in case anyone was inclined to think all the “improvements” were improving the service – nah – see my tweet as we all awaited the engagement of forward motion!

 We all met up in London, selected a bar around touristville – Leicester Square – and settled in to watch the Rugby, and all in all Scotland enjoyed the usual degree of success in their chosen game (in this instance!) and their fans – regardless of outcome – celebrated in their usual fashion – the comsumption of varioius litres of booze – again – love it.

My friends has come to London to see a show – alas I did not have tickets and frankly – it’s not my thing really – so they headed off the their show – I watched the end of the Ireland – Wales game and then took in a flick – Watchmen – weird – woderful and alas – shit!

Meeting up again, with said “dalings” (said with a theatrical aaaaa!); we head off down China Town for some food and a few more pints – we toasted Steven’s birthday and enjoyed a few laughs!

Alas – being in London, I had to head out relatively early to catch the last tube back to my hotel. Good to see the guys in London …

I duly arrived in Heathrow – alas at an hour – where the worlds busiest airport was being hoovered. There werebut 400 cameras tracking some slightly annedbriated Scotsman looking for a form on transport better that one of those giant motorised brillo pads used for scouring the floors – and the thought did cross my mind.

Indeed – my courtesy bus has stopped some 40 mins previous – as there were no flights – there was no black wankers, sorry  – taxis – and I was left looking for a lift! I could practically see my hotel from where I was. I thought hard and then  – ding – I could call my ole pal Niall – who for many happy  months drove me around Heathrow – and jump started Laura’s car one night – really nice chap.

No sooner had I made the call than Uncle Mohammed (seriously!) was there and I was on my way to the hotel. Bed, I thought … alas no – Bravo Bravo in the hotel was alive and kicking so I sauntered in and sank a drink or 2, ahem. bed at 730am ….. lol

Due to my matter choice in drink – Sunday AM was met with no hangover – as was my want and I embarked up on the usual Sunday rituals – chill, chill, snooze, have the car washed, read the paper, chill, and as I am now – check the interporn on world events and maybe blog a bit. Today – I read of Jade’s death – a really very sad story – and so sudden – maybe at least her suffering has stopped. RIP!

Stepping into Starbucks for a little “me” time, I had a sarnie and read the press – usual bollox as at now – we’re all financially fucked and is there any chance we could further screw Mr Goodwin to the wall as this poor sod seems to be the guy that we have something on – behave and get on with fixing it – we can do root-cause later – geniuses!

I exchanged a few looks with a really fit girlie – and Richmond has a good few of them – she was reading some book and smiling. It was really distracting me from my facebook session which was distracting me from my week-ahead planning. Likely married with 8 kids, but fit none-the-less! Sorry Simon, no, no photos – I think that really woul have been quite inapprpriate to have run up with hee haaw but the blackberry camera and snapped a photo only to the go retreat but 10 feet away smiling like a right dobber!

Observations this week: NO ONE knows how to navigate Chiswick roundabout, NO ONE; Jeigerbombs do not give hangovers (but you are up for a week!)

Challenge of the week: has to have been getting out of Heathrow Airport at 0130 on a Sat night ….