So Kenny, that move to Prague?

I have been in and around Prague for a good few years now and love the place. There’s loads of reasons but there is one that has become more obvious to me over the last 6 months than perhaps ever before.

This reason is that of friendship and I find myself having to consider scenarios that I never thought I would. The scenario of where to live.

I love my Glasgow very much but have always said it’s the kind of place that you need to leave to enjoy coming back to and this fact remains for me.

Day to day however, I need to have contact with friends and as the life-planning effects of all those weddings in 2007 and 2008 kick-in, there is less and less interaction and so I fill my time with either work or plans to return to Prague to see the other half and friends.

I recently met an old school friend who described this scenario as being bitten by the ‘expat’ bug; he was destined for Australia having spent some time in various counties. We talked for a little bit settling on the fact that Glasgow is great to come back to (just as London is good when you know you’re leaving!) and that there were some great places in the world to go and call home from home for a while. This would be Prague for me.

It has surprised me just how quickly – and easy – it appears to be for some to be ticking along with no attempt to keep in touch, touting that ‘we posted it on Facebook’. This world has never been more wired and so keeping in touch never easier, yet some simply don’t. No matter where I have been in the world, I have always sent messages home, made calls or posted a few pics or 2 of my antics to bring a laugh.

This expats thing seems to suit me very well, people are always looking to meet, enjoy a laugh and always remain in touch. TV is a but a medium to cure hangovers and there is rarely a dull moment with me around.

I have been through anger, frustration and any numbers of other thoughts, but have come to thinking that it’s and ‘age and stage’ thing and that it might happen to me, alas, I doubt it. I am very accepting as I have a choice to move and will.

For now, there a few things to be planning and a few trips to book. 🙂