Snow Patrol, Glasgow SECC

They be the one band I would go to the ends of the earth to see; I nearly flew to Pheonix, AZ to catch them there! Snow Patrol and I go back a lot of years and a lot of heartache. They got me through 2004 / 2005, some of the most sole-searching years of my life so far. They remain that guys that I listen to when I want to chill or loose myself in something other than my regular life events.

I saw them last in London in 2006, and have always looked back on that night as a highlight. I waited for ages until tonight from when I excitedly jumped around my front room having managed to get tickets. Tonight I went along.

Alas, … there was something missing – the music live is just aewsome – but they were lacking a “WOW” in their show; and it pains me to saw that. I floated off during “Chasing Cars”; I jumped about during “Chocolate” and loved the the various tracks done live from “A hundred million suns” … but I came away thinking that I was expecting more of a wow in their show.

I would even go as far as to say I might, just slightly be disappointed somewhat! Could of course be that my expectation was sky high.

Snow Patrol - SECC, Glasgow Snow Patrol, SECC - Glasgow