Self Employed Pimp?

I have been shot (not literally), slapped (but not physically) and told to “shut it” by many for having what I think are very sensible and accurate views on things and it is with this mind that I offer today’s chat!

A Job. Something we have all had, need, perhaps enjoy, maybe hate, but that without which we would struggle to fulfil the life we lead, and I don’t just mean financially; as there is a lot to be said for serving a purpose and feeling that we have made a difference to someone, something or somewhere. Much of the difference we might never actually see or be able to quantify, but there is as much to glean in knowing that if was your effort!

So, there you are working away, as you have been for a bazillion years, or maybe just 3 months, or an hour, and wallop, a great big fecking announcement that the company is… let me see what shite I have read in such announcements I can recall, yes, the company is “changing direction”, or “restructuring”, or “outsourcing”, or “merging”; and that there is going to be some “consolidation”, integration” and a “busy time” ahead!

Now, not all announcements that arrive with these words in the subject are doom and gloom, but inevitably there is going to be some change! You have 2 options, wait and ride it out, as opportunity does present it’s self in such scenarios, and this is to be welcomed, or GTF!

It is the latter that I want to concentrate for a short time! GTFing requires some planning and if you do it when there is no need to GTF, then when it comes times to GTF, you are all prepared. Getting down to the point here, as I have some work to do; get the marketing right; the marketing of you that is! Think about how you want to be perceived and design your campaign accordingly.

Long gone are the days where a job is for life, companies and businesses cannot afford to be that inflexible, so there is a higher chance that more change is required for each entity, person and company to meet their goals. The need to be dynamic! Looking at what the employees of Gate Gourmet did by striking demonstrates that both entities need to protect themselves. (For those who live in a closet, the employees went on strike and almost forced the company into Administration!)

Shit happens in the world which affects business, the knock effect being that workforce dynamics need to change, and we all need to be prepared. I am sick of hearing that the company has a responsibility to this and that! SHITE! They have a responsibility to employ you as long as they can and it suits, they cannot be faulted for trying to turn a profit or remain in the black! Yes, I know there are many who sit atop these companies that drain the lifeblood of the business, or require a new Porsche, but there are just as many if not more that are genuine when it comes to staying in business.

My advice: Write up your CV, and keep it updated, keep your skills and knowledge current, and always been on the look out for opportunities, and to bear in mind that every opportunity is NOT a “get a raise” opportunity, it might simply be a better place to work, or the totty might be better, you know what I am saying!

If you’re bored, change it! If you’re moaning about being bored, change it, otherwise shut it! When you are marketing yourself, remember that if a car salesman told you it was a car”, you would think “woohoo”. But if he told you it was Porsche with leather seats etc, you would be more interested! My point, don’t just tell someone you’re a salesman, or a project manager, or a banker, tell them all about you, people buy into people more than skills a lot of the time .. anyway I rant, but I hope my point has been made!

If you’re a Pimp, trust me, no further explanation is required, and I suspect you’re self employed anyway!