Run the Road 05

Hello friend’s family, colleagues and customers ….

This weekend: Run the Road in aid of Macmillan Cancer Relief

Having been driving the M77 for last 6 months or so, and watching the landscape change to accommodate the new stretch of M77, it has been amazing to see it all take shape. Run the Road is a great one-time opportunity to run a stretch of the M77 before it is opened to the traffic! So … that’s what the “Thirsty 13” are going to do! We are gong to Run / Walk / Cycle / Crawl up to 10K’s of the M77.

With some 10,000 now taking part, it is destined to be a great day out, and all in a good cause … ! Funny I should mention “cause” as this is the very subject of my email … the 13 of us are looking to raise a little extra cash for our efforts! So with the help of our friends at Just Giving (.com) we are looking for a donation or pledge (I can provide photographic evidence of completion if need be!) from anyone willing to offer it.

There no paper involved, no forms, and no salesmen will call 😉 – so if you have a few extra pounds, and are willing to donate or pledge, then please go to and fire it our way! The cash goes direct to the charity (through Just Giving), and so it really easy!

If you have already offered to sponsor us or me, then whack your details on the above site. And thanks for offering to do so! If you are taking part, then I guess we will see you on Sunday. I do believe there is extra motivation on the course due to the fact there is a certain football game on … so there maybe some “Personal Bests” on this run / walk / crawl.

On behalf of Graham, Julie, Adam, John, Mark, Fiona, Gillian, Joanne, Tom, Marilyn, Iain, Lindsay, and I, thanks in anticipation of any help offered.

Happy Friday!



Thirsty 13: Wing this round your office / contacts