ROLO’s, and that’s not the chocolate ones that you might choose to give to give to the one you love; but the Restriction of Liberty Orders that courts may decree if your such an arsehole that you cannot for the life of you remain out of trouble for any defined period of time. Yes, indeedy, bored, is not the only thing I get in court; informed as to the latest penalties for teenagers who just don’t get the concept of behaving, is another.

Taking the very nature of this approach to restricting the liberty of those who deserve so literally, there is another “version” of the ROLO! It’s not handed down by a sheriff; nor is it (usually) handed down for socially unacceptable behaviour (but does seem to breed it), and is actually entered into of freewill!

Yes, the type of ROLO I am referring to a partner, a girlfriend, a boyfriend, a burd or bloke. Now, given that I am a bloke – a well known fact (I would hope), and that fact that it is also a given that women rarely end up “under the thumb”, and it’s the guy that who in such undertaking has his liberty restricted.

Granted, when you enter into such relationships, one is expected to make certain sacrifices for the sake of relationships, and most will again do of freewill, because they want to; and that’s the right thing to be doing.

However, there would appear to be some who once “tagged”, see to be required to perpetually seek permission; check in; and to work up every possible scenario that might come to an eventuality on an evening out; and that includes the very basis of the film “Armageddon”!

Yes, just in case the penny hasn’t quite dropped; I have again been in a position where I am forced to stare into my soup starter, as a pal of mine is publicly informed that he has failed on “evening planning” tasks, a heinous crime punishable by having to spend a night in one’s own bed. Man, what a nightmare …lol

Staring into my soup, I begin to think that it’s just me that wants jump up on to the table and scream “lighten up you …”, I carry on with my conversation. I stop and turn to the criminal in question, whose face is a grimace, and saying “that’s my night fucked!”

It passes, but in chat later on, it becomes very obvious that this behaviour is just not cricket, and so here I am raving about it … amongst friends as we were; making it known that your pissed of at your partner is just not something I want to be in the middle of over dinner; especially when my visit requires 12 hours in my car and 800 miles; oh and one of the “persons” involved in my best mate – am I expected to make an appointment to see him? That said, if yes, then I did it a month ago!

Either way, we wanted to round the evening off with a beer n blether, but said chap was not allowed, and had he gone against the judgement, there was 2 be a 5-mile exclusion zone around her flat from which he was banned – another “staring into your soup bowl moment”!.

This is not a rant, it’s meant to address a point that many will not mention and live with. I like my soup and love time withy my friends, and like the company I am in to be happy etc

I write here so that it’s quiet and my whole point can be made before the inevitable screaming match. It either gets sorted, or I will do something about it; and I am an awesome problem solver!