Renting v’s Buying

As many of us begin to seek to put down some roots somewhere on this wee planet, a project in us all develops as to how we might fund such an investment. It ain’t a fiver that buys you’re a pad, and for many there’s a fecking shock when moving from the parental home as to what’s involved in running a home. I mention this very scenario as in this article as I wish to define what needs to be borne in mind when saying to me who has rented property for 8 years that “I just think renting is a waste of money”!

I was told in conversation from one, sat as she was on the comfy leather seat of her parents front room. How much more comfy could you be to form such a clouded judgement, I ask you? Phrased correctly I could have almost admired an approach where any money spent on property was going towards future gain; but put like this simply demonstrate a meagre understanding of world affairs, and almost a very selfish streak.

Given the choice, or the had all been dandy at home, I might have given this approach a go too, but as I was sharing a room with my younger brother, and that me maw and I would argue a lot; it was nothing short of a fantastic idea for me to move out. I did.

I have said for as long as my arse has faced south, that the best things I ever did for my family was to move out and buy my own car. Since then; it’s be changed days. I actually have some chat for my family when I go visit; it’s more of an event now!

I am happy to accept that at some 8 years is a long time to be renting; trust me, having done the sums, there are some serious numbers involved. But, I have absolutely no regret about renting for this time; I have lived in some great places; and continue to do so; There are some problems that are mine, most are not however and if I choose to sod off and work in the Bahamas (I work in Technology, so this is very possible), then I can almost immediately.

My work is project based and is rarely based in the same city, so I need to be upwardly mobile. Bollox to settling into a job, where you and your employer hate each other within a year. I have a world to see.

Those who are fortunate enough to have the space and relationship with their parents to be able to stay rooted there until cash permits moving into one’s own place should remember that are the lucky ones.

The rest of us need work a little bit harder; oh and enjoying living a little in doing so.