Out Now: “Team Jarvis” in Val Thorens 2006

I stopped by in Glasgow at the weekend to say hello, and get out of shitsville for a while, and aside from seeing a few pals, I was presented with my very own copy of the “Team Jarvis” DVD! It’s just awesome work by my namesake Kenny MacBeath! A fantastic testament to an awesome week in Val Thorens earlier this year!

Hilarious as it is, I have created smaller version of it for streaming over the net, as it’s well worth a watch!

It’s here: http://www.bifo.co.uk/secured/gallery/displayimage.php?album=lastup&cat=-18&pos=0, look out for the big video file, it’s well worth watching, granted not if you’re on dialup! Broadband users only!

So here’s you in chance to kick the arse out of my bandwidth bills, and have a look-see at our wee adventure in France!

Well done Kenny-boy (that’s McBeath fame, not me!), great effort!