I have been lucky enough to have enjoyed a very varied career, following my heart as I have gone. I have been all over the place, round all the corners of the UK, met a fantastic number of very skilled people, and people that it has been an utter delight to work with, through some just horrible challenges, coming out with a story or 2 to tell.

Working in IT as I do, and fluent in all things eMail & Directories, LDAP, Single Sign On, and various other bits of Project Management bullshit, I sank into my seat today having been for a bite to eat at lunch.

Not because the lunch was particularly good – it was certainly enjoyable – but because they had Oreos.

Now to the ordinary person Oreos might be nothing! It could the latest to come out of the Nissan plant, or maybe Daewoo, (do they still make cars?) but to me they are this:

“… having spent 18 months planning some trips, it would be nothing short of awesome to get out to the US, meet those you had been arranging with, have a bit of laugh, and enjoy the rapport you have built up; and present your group you have been arranging for, knowing they are about to have the time of their lives. I am of course referring to my time as an Academic Tour Operator!”

We would travel with some of the groups out to the likes of (http://www.sundayriver.com), meet with our contacts Barbs, present our groups and a weeks adventure would start on the snow and in some just awesome hotels!

Job Satisfaction: I’ll define job satisfaction for you: Getting back to the UK with a group of kids, that cannot get the smile off their tired faces, thanking you for the time of their lives, and asking when they can come back! Not that I wish to take all the credit, my US counterparts did all the work, I just filled out the “forms”. But, boy, there is nothing like it!

Oreos: Simply one wee element of going to the US that I miss every single day!