One of those moments …

… requiring the repeated use of the word F**k!

It was a normal morning, I got up and had breakfast, had a shower, got dressed and got in the car to drive to work my brother … there we were cruising along the new M77, approaching some road works. “I need to be in the other lane before these cars …”, I thought, so I pushed my burst couch (as I often refer to my car) up to 100MPH (later confirmed to be 96MPH), and nipped by them pulling in to the left to join the correct lane for the next junction!

NEE NAW NEE NAW NEE NAW, and yes indeedy, Kenny boy collects another as yet unknown fine for the delights of driving too fast!

In a tone that reflected the “why do you always learn the hard way Phipps” words reverberating around my head, I answered their questions in the back of their shiny Penis Extension, and made my way to work.

I am sure I have said before, but just in case you need reminding; there are some circumstances in life that requires the repeated use of the work fuck! This ladies and gentlemen was one of them … I am sooooooooooooo angry with myself. Chalk another 6 points on the “Pointometer”! Ka ching .

… and to think my Dad used to be a traffic plod … lol