One of those “Forward” emails

Today, I received one of those “forward me, or have a life of bad luck” emails, which in effect are a pile of sh1t3, and usually trivialise the message they carry. Many of them carry messages of hope and goodwill, and life rules that many of use should consider; but then contain the standard “Forward this to 5 friends …”, which actually seems to freak some people out!

My advice, if when you receive one of these email, you can think of one friend that you haven’t spoken to in a while; shoot them an email, or a text message; or if you’re old fashioned – lift the phone and speak to them – rememeber face-to-face conversation? The email will then have served it’s purpose!

See if you actually stop yourself saying:

“sh1t, who on my contact list is going to understand that I have hee haw luck, and that I SIMPLY MUST FORWARD THIS EMAIL!

Go on – I challenge you!