Of all the numbers ones backside could dial ….

Why oh why oh why, does it dial one’s ex girlfriend?
I am of course talking of the scenario where you dive into the car and drive to work with your phone in the back pocket (it’s Friday and I am in my Levi’s!) and during the 25 mins journey, and not having locked my phone, my ass calls my ex …! Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!

Now – this wouldn’t be so bad if said arse hadn’t sent to 2 blank txt messages to her from Fort William weekend before last while driving my truck early morning – what a twat!

Suffice to say that I have ordered a replacement cradle for my phone while I wait on my new car, as this is clearly the only way I can avoid sending random txt messages and sending all the wrong signals! Sorry C! Dickhead of the day goes to me!

Of all the numbers, and there are 148 to choose from, why could I not call my Granny, or a mate …

Anyway – on with my weekend planning … sorry work!