The “norm” …

The norm, what is that exactly? If the norm was a common thing, surely no one would be different? The norm to everyone I am sure if different, because we all live separate lives, and have different thoughts, right?

Why then is the norm to sit on ones fat arse and let the world wash over you? I refer to a ton of folk directly, where the norm is to work all week, go home to ones pad, perhaps where there might be a girlfriend or boyfriend and watch telly! The come the weekend, instead of going to work, you go to the couch, or your mum’s or work even and only to then start the week again and repeat! Christ that sounds like a fecking shampoo commercial, rinse and repeat, rinse and repeat!

I can’t think of one pal who runs into work, skips into meetings and lights up at the concept of a Monday! So, that said what is driving these people? Perhaps in the long way off excitement of collecting your pension or slipping into your warm slippers in front of the fire!

People, wake and smell what this life of all about, get off your fecking arse and do something slightly exciting, because god forbid, business goes bad, and they lay you off, you are going to need to form the opinion that work is but a means to live the life you want.

Personally, I give work everything it needs, but only to make sure I have the means to life the life that will ensure that when it comes time put my slippers on having collected my £82.50 pension, that I have done absolutely everything I set out to do, and if I haven’t done it by then, I am going to do it before I collect my pension that day!
Correct, I met with another like-minded pal who got off their arse and did something slightly exciting before “the norm” set in, which to be honest, is something that should be treated!

And I have the remedy, a hefty size 10 kick up the arse!

To those who have sat a top a mountain and looked out over the world, congrats, to those who have woke up in a hotel in another city, and those that have yet to decide where to live, congrats, you have seen enough to realise that there’s bigger world out there than what exists around the 3 miles of your parents house!

Booked today: Gothenburg, Sweden: August 2006
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