The Need to Understand

The need to understand is a basic human desire that means in most cases that everything has a logical beginning and end. The human mind made up of creative and logical “sides”; can reak havoc with each other in an attempt to try and peice together a situation that is not understood.

In conversation with a close friend (admittedly there was a little wine involved), we discussed this at length. Having both been in a scenario (yes a relationshop) we had both tried to understand things on the basis of what we knew. There was of course missing info that simply put – we might never find out; and probably were better off that way.

The logical side of the brain therefore is missing the end. Neither of us were able to suggest a reason why so much “confusion” can be created. The relationship thing is a creative process, much of which is accepted “as is”, however for some reason the logical thought process seems to be the boss when it comes to drawing a line under a relationship, i.e. the end! It can be this very “confusion” that leads to bitterness etc.

Yes – this is a male view, but it has been said that male mentality is more logical than the female thought process.

We ended our conversation having decided that some people (usually female – ohh contraversial) should come with their own individual manual, or instructional video!

Seriously, having decided that we might never understand or grasp the end, there was an agreement between brains (left & right) that they should “agreed to disagree”.

Harmony was restored!