My “so called” pals

So there I am on my course, listening intently to what the instructor has to say. I am surrounded my people from thr NHS and IT firms and a few independent consultants … who like me are paying for this course ourselves, and it’s not a fiver, plus we are off work for a week … so yeah – there I am, I just learned I have 3 hours work of exams on Friday, and are to be given homework, and I feel a txt message come in, (phone on “silent”) ok, not just the one, but about 3 in quick succession! “Aww no”, I say, that means something is broken.

SO, rather than be rude and sit and read my phone, I excuse myself from the room, and go out to see what has gone wrong. This week I have left DHL Express without a key member of staff (granted, I like to think so! J)– me; so am keen to make sure all is Ok while I am out and about .. not to mention a number of freelance customers that rely on me when they break their email! For those that are reading this, and who are customers of mine; when you email me, I get a txt message so that I can work out of the orifice without having to stair at me PC!
ANYWAY! Getting to me point; there I am standing in reception looking at my phone only to find out that the mindless / senseless / idle pals of mine with a collective IQ of a used teabag have decided to abuse just such an efficient system, and have been firing in emails to trigger it! Suffice to say that those who were set to benefit from such a system (you know who you are!), can go and ……

At 25P each, you W@nk3r5 just cost me about £7, not to mention about £20 worth of training!