My New Office!

My new office: spacious, open-plan, with ample meeting space and break-out arees (whatever they are!), paperless, and stress-free!

In weather like this (sunny, 26 degree – and it’s rarely like this in Glasgow), it’s nice to get out and enjoy what delights “Wireless Working” brings! Granted, if your office in near an M-class road, you might want to give some consideration to where you site your new “office”!

Here’s what you need:

  • One Laptop – check!
  • A Wireless Account or access to an Access Point (for data!) – check!
  • A Skype (SkypeOut!) Account – for Voice – check!
  • hee haw else, although an ice-cream is just magic, failing that an Ice Cold Coke! – On this occasion, I went for a McFlurry – and a Lion Bare one at that!

Seriously – to get away from the confines of my desk and sit in the fresh air was just magic! I got loads more done, and no-one need know (who cares if they do!) where I was! However, just for the geeks who might pipe-up about Wireless Security: WiFi was secured with 128Bit AES encryption, as was the VoIP, and as for physical security – I have a helluva temper! – so in effect – sod off!)