Multitask? Yes we can!

Last week, I had tripped on a role advertised from an agency (who shall remain nameless!) that I have known and worked through in the past. I thought, “ohh, that sounds a good role, I think I will enquire!” So I called and asked for the agent in question drawing her attention to my CV that would have just popped up in her Inbox.

Yeah, there is was and we started dialogue about the role, my experience and how I could fulfil the role.

Alas, the conversation was cut short with a rather resounding dismissal of my skills! I think I was actually silenced! I am used to a fairly social but direct conversation on how we can BOTH secure the role (I actually see agencies as business partners on occasion!) and work out what we need to deliver to do just that!

How very narrowed minded! This dismissal did not meet with a quiet or submissive Kenny, but a Kenny who was again, alas, not going to be told that I cannot migrate email! I am Kenny “Migration” Phipps. For those that don’t know me, this may sound a tad bold, but it is what I have been doing for the best part of 14 years: ALL THINGS EMAIL!

What did this come down to? The title on my CV! It is currently listed as “Kenny Phipps, Technical Project Manager”. They didn’t want a Project Manager. Fine, I thought, let me change the title … but alas no; this was not going to “convince the client I was capable” apparently.

Absolute nonsense. I realise there is a limit to the amount of detail you can include in your CV; but let’s just say the words “email”, “migration”, and “enterprise” appear repeatedly on my CV surrounded in some carefully selected narrative on the where, when, how, who and why of my previous work-related endeavours.

My point: we can’t have “Kenny Phipps, Technical Project Manager, with 9 years in Lotus Notes Messaging, who could migrate his toaster to the moon, who has a passion for Snowsports and actually can do more than what it says on the tin”! Sooooo when it says not what you need, ask the obvious questions: some of us have been doing this longer than you – and are willing to help secure business!

To the lady in question: I wish you the best of luck, from what I know of recruitment, you will last all of 15 mins. None of us need a Sales Prevention department in current fiscal climes.

Now, who needs email migrating?