Merry Christmas … ;-)

Contract Project Managers: Evidence & Deliver, with Jack
TeamJarvis: Do Morzine 2011
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Social Media: Be careful …
Festive Greetings: wherever you might be

It’s long been the case that contract Project Managers find themselves exposed for non-delivery. In fact, it’s not just contract Project Managers, but any contract role, but more often than not, this exposure is attributed to Project Management roles.

This exposure comes about as Project Managers who are not familiar with, nor have an interest in being so, wrestle with the behemoth that is corporate cultures, politics and other alas, negatively influencing factors. In my case, it was both Matrix Management & Language that led me to having to defend my endeavours. Such cultures are just not geared for timed project delivery.

I have said to any Project Manager that I have hired or worked that they must be able to evidence their efforts. This does not amount to keeping every email that was sent but to be able to support themselves in escalations, problem management, negotiations and good ole fashioned conversation, articulating only relevant points, directing their audience to relevant evidence. This might be emails; (perhaps the most obvious!) call logs, Risk / Issue logs, etc.

Contract Project Managers have to protect themselves professionally and financially, and evidencing your work is good practice.

If you work daily with this in mind, you will be able to demonstrate your delivery and in some cases highlight to your customer or client stakeholders that some changes are required if they are to service projects as required to keep them on time and on budget.

Be extra cautious around Matrix Management organisations where responsibilities are split and where some teams have more than 1 reporting line, especially when 1 reporting line is a BAU responsibility that will likely always take priority over assigned projects tasks.

Talking of evidencing your work, maybe my Jack approach will work, see here! Or does that remove the need for evidence? 😉

In more snowy related news, TeamJarvis ( / will do Morzine this year. We were there 2 years ago and loved it. We have moved to a more centrally- located chalet this year, and so as much as the Mutzig will be 856EUR, there will be no 30EUR to get there and back!!! A new team members this yea joins us, thus there will be another inductions this year.

v6 has made great progress this year with it’s Cloud Platform development. Migrations of hosting etc is almost complete and sales are up. A great year. Read my blog on it here.

Social Media has great reach, and I and v6 use it extensively. In fact, you may have been directed here from a link on any of the usual suspects in Social Media. But … Be warned,  a degree of care is required. Comments can be misinterpreted, as can any electronic communication, but Social Media comments are public, so think before you publish anything bearing in mind that if you have your feeds syndicated out, it can appear elsewhere than where you are hitting the ‘submit’ button.

Which brings me to this years Festive Frolics. Christmas is 6 days away as I write. I walked through the snow to this coffee shop bringing about the most Christmassy of feelings so far this festive season. This will be the first year in a few that I am a home and am actually going to be heading away for New Year. It’s good to be at home, I actually put a tree up ;-).

I am lucky to have some many hilarious, crazy, hilarious, crazy, crazy, brilliant, funny, abnormal, professional, well-connected, crazy, hilarious friends in just about all 4 corners of this small fishing village we live on! I am nothing without my friends, and I sincerely thank you all, for every laugh we have shared this year. I know we’ll being doing it all again next year.

So wherever you find yourself this festive period, live, laugh, drink, eat and laugh again. If you need laughs, call, I come with a laugh guarantee! I will be on the bar in a kilt at the Hard Rock Cafe in Prague on Hogmanay, if your close, drop by for a JD.

Merry Christmas.