Merry Christmas / Happy New Year !

Dear Friends,

I usually try and pull together some festive rhyming banter, or some neat little script that I can email round that will pull out some customised message for you. Alas this year I am going to go with some good ole fashioned straight talking chat!

2004 has zipped by faster than I am used to, and to be honest – I am kinda happy with that! It been more than a little challenging at times and I will be happy to see 2005. I have said that the world sent me a few challenges this year, and asked that I learn a few lessons. Let’s just say that Homer Simpson had a very valid point when he summised:

“Experience is a hard teacher. She gives the test first and the lessons afterwards.”

As a result of a few lessons, I have mellowed somewhat and am looking forward to leaving a few items of professional baggage well placed in the archives of life!

To all who offered help, advice, a compassionate ear, or just listened – you will never know what it meant, I thank you for your friendship!

Not all “challenging” of course, some fantastic times too: the marriage of my close friends Jules and Graham, realising what love is and means, seeing another part of the world, a few boys weekends, the hilarity that was photos at Venture (and more so the results), seeing the Bish back, and new homes for a select few!

So getting down to festive frolics, I hope your Christmas is where, when and how you like it, and that New Year brings a smile, with 2005 following up and every happiness.

Merry Christmas!

All my love in friendship,
Kenny / Phippsy / KP / Kx

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