London …
I have found a moment to sit on my arse and chill for 5. No biggie you might say, but when you’re not used to this so-called London-pace, it is actually quite an achievement!

Now, this London pace, to be honest – I don’t think it actually exists, it more a case of trying to give an impression that there is something to be done at pace; and even at that – it’s not working.

Now – I have limited amount of time just the noo to go into details, as I am flying back to the mother-land in 30 mins, but think of this wee blog as an agenda, as I want to provide some direction on the following matters:

  • The use of indicators, in cars that is
  • The use of Big words and bullshit
  • When is it and when is isn’t appropriate to abuse members of the public
  • Yes, it’s OK to say thanks!
  • Use of the word “thanks”!
  • The “CYA” Policy

… and so I will continue at a later stage; but I think you can see where this is going!

Right, gate 8, door C, and seat …, bollocks, where’s my boarding pass …