Killers, Glasgow SECC – WOW!

I didn’t have tickets and was going to go down and see what the touts were flogging them for … then my mate Stu came through for me with an offer to swap the Snow Patrol tickets I had bought him for Killers tickets for last night – like there was any thought required. With 2 tickets on offer, my fellow lunatic Liz came along.

WHAT A SHOW! I had looked forward to the gig all week and we were not disappointed; they played but more importantly entertained the crowd, whipping them – and us – into a frenzy of “woooohooooooo” (or maybe that was just me!) Liz and I enjoyed a few Magners – 8 I think each by the time we had decanted each of the bottles into our plastic glasses. We decided it best to “down” said magners as there was some jumping to be done.

The time passed so quickly, the highlight being Mr Brightside of course – I went bonkers – such a tune linked to so many cracking events. The video on Facebook was posted to demo the lunacy that Liz and I went into during the tune.

We rounded off the night with several rounds of JeigerBombs – just to try and top the high – an absolutely cracking night – what a laugh we had; I sit donning my Killers hoodie as I type.

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