Just one of those moments …

ok, been back from holiday for a week, up to my ears in work; and there I was hammering the keybaord, taking calls, and be shouted at across the office; (don’t worry – we bubble-wrapped the desk and chair of the guys shouting!) and then there is was …. that overwelming nostalgic moment !

… I listen to a selection of some 5000 MP3’s using
iTunes, and this moment was worth sharing – in fact I emailed this tune to a pal, but the email polis stopped it!

So here it is – to those who know … start this tune!

Stop, take 5, and think: Adam’s XR3i; my Citreon AX, working in the garage in Barrhead, driving to Manchester on a friday night; going to Volcano in the West End on a sunday night … ahhh – I want to be 19 again!