… join za kilometer high club?

I was asked the other day how many airmiles I had as I ought to have millions with all the flying I do.
It got me thinking that actually collecting airmiles is easy; spending is actually very difficult. For instance, do you know it’s 9000 miles from Glasgow to London? Last I drove it – last week – it was 414!!

I have tried a few times to book flights on airmiles; but found it’s easier to book the hotel with airmiles as there are rarely any flights with “airmiles” seats available; unless you want to
fly to Leeds Bradford from Glasgow on Christmas day.

I then went on to think further. I am a member of all the frequent flyer programmes, but gave up long ago trying to maintain my tier points; as increasingly the companies I work for are seeking to spend less on flights. I am on an EasyJet flights as I speak – cheap it wasn’t – direct it was! Not only that, but – taking BMi as an example – if you join today, they will upgrade you to BluePlus immediately which is what I was relegated to when I couldn’t maintain my silver membership. Why would I then try and maintain my tier points when anyone doing their first flight can join. I did 43 BMi flights last year and still can’t lift my membership; and with most of my flights being booked within 2-3 days of travel, it aint because I am cheap; it’s because it’s too bloody expensive to maintain your membership.

Suffice to say I get to see a lot of the world doing what I do, who cares if I fly there in a trumped up stag bus. I do, slightly 😉