I am lucky that way …

It’s been a while since I have time to detach myself from the likes of Outlook, Project and Phone Conferences to anounce my latest thoughts to the world as I like to do of an “elevensies” moment.

Today has been one of those days that proves that I am lucky in so many ways. Now, most when I say that will think that I win the lottery a tenner at a time (hey, if I had it in millions I would have my butler Cecil type this!), or got great deals on things all the time, but I mean this: that I am lucky to be the guy that “things” happen to that required to be somewhat unf^&*(), if you see my point.

Now, I think I got this “lucky” trait from my mother, who for years has professed to be the same way too; but I would not dare to suggest that she has inflicted this on me; she is an amazing women. All will become clear as you why I don’t necessarily view this as a bad thing in a sec.

So let me define what I mean. I mean; if there are 300 people on a flight; and 1 is going to get the fat, smelly talkative pain-in-the-arse, who has the manners of a farm animal sitting next to them, it’s me; or if – as happened this week, ones hire car was the last one available – and was offered to me as an “upgrade” – looks and smells like it was hired to the aforementioned airborne pig; then again – it will be me! Frankly, I rather they hired me a washing machine and asked me to drive to work in that!

To further define what I mean; there are relatively few everyday things that I do that actually work out as I intended; and they are not difficult things that someone somrwhere does NOT do every day; so I have to assume that there is the required experience within the shores of the UK to take care o …. hold the phone; have I per chance just sussed out what the issue be? That the everyday things we want to do, order, change, send back are actually fulfilled in the likes on Bangalore, Bangladesh or indeed, as I learned recently – Cairo? Are we in the UK hell-bent on making it nie-on impossible to have requests fulfilled in the UK? You know what – the answer is YES, and a resounding one at that – and it’s been going that way for years. If we don’t export the activity to some far flung land, then we import the Polish to do for us; as we’re too stupid to realise that those eternal state benefit, who could fullfill those roles, (in fact, no they couldn’t, as they have the IQ of a teabag!) could actually be of some use to the UK economy.

Anyway, I digress.

Getting to my point, I think I am lucky this way as I have the capability to deal with such scenarios in an efficient manner. Now, this may seem as though I am blowing my own trumpet – not my intention – but more that such events actually stress most folk out – I hear it in the offices I have worked in. I can hear my colleagues being palmed off by a slopy-shouldered, paid-less-than-minimum-wage, unempowered, Glesga call centre dude who just wants cash for boozing at the weekend. Now, again, I mean no disrepact that those in call centre’s; a job I have done myself; but if the call is not one that follows the process in their book; the customers ends up with no resolution; likely out of pocket and frustrated, hence the stress.

Me, I just seem to get results; and I dont exactly know what I do differently except to listen out for all of the above, ignore it and persevere; but in a nice way!

See, I’m lucky!