An hour to one’s self!

… never really done the “sit in Starbucks and watch the world go by” thing, but I took the opportunity yesterday, and did just that! Went in and was hit with the statuary barage of options in coffee! My response: “In english …?”; to which the lady laughed. I was clearly a “Starbucks” virgin!Well, not really; been in Starbucks in a few countries now, but I admit to not being the seasoned regular who likes to be served in 2.7 seconds!

I had a white chocolate mocha thingy and a wee cinamon bun, real nice!

Cocooned in the Stereophonics, I pulled up a seat at the window, and started to look at Glasgow go by. I have no idea if Starbucks has this effect on other people, or if it was my frame of mind (this was a tough day!), or whether the Stereophonics have this cocooning effect on all of their fans – I admit to being a recent newbie to their music; but all of a sudden Glasgow had a new outlook.

I suspect this moment was a combination of all of the above. It felt as though I was looking at an Advert for Glasgow, for all it’s kind of people, twats and all! I reminisced about where I had been in the city, where I had worked, and all those I had met. I remembered the time I had been away travelling or working and come back to the city, having been away from anything from 1 day to 1 year and how much I missed it!

I looked around at all those coming in, most of who were looking for an hour away from the office, or from shopping, some were coming in to have a meeting, some where using their laptops. I refrained from doing so as I was enjoying this moment.

So – the 2 points that came out of visiting Starbucks: You need to get away from Glasgow now and again to appreciate it; and getting out of the orrifice is something you need to do everyday to ensure you remain more use than an ashtray on a motor bike.

Next time I have an hour to kill, and there is a Starbucks nearby, I am heading in for an hour (funnily enough!)