High School French ….

Well – here I am in Paris this week and man, I wished I had paid attention to Mr Cairns in High School French, bent as a 6 pound note as he was; or at least acted. Man, I have really struggled getting about when my boss is not here – he has been in France for some time, and although English can speak fluent French.

I arrived to the grumble of a pissed-off security guard who shoved my gear through the security scanning thing with a face that said: “Fuck off tourist; what you doing in my country?”. SO I either learn, or I can kiss good bye to my beer drinking habit! OK, I can just about order a beer!

None-the-less I will persevere and make do; but I do need to brush up as I am off to Geneva next week to start 6 months surrounded by Frence-speakers.

“je m’appelle Kenny” by the way … 🙂