Here I sit …

Here I sit in my hotel room after another week away! Weeks away are great for doing that boring shit you know you have to do, you can so easily be distracted and talked out of doing when on home ground. Being away also gives you time away to appreciate the home life you have; and I do appreciate what I have.

I have also learned that you need to have you shit organised. There is a pile of wee projects coming to a head right now, which would challenge even those that claim to be organised; you know the sort, the guys that irons his socks and under-shorts!

If I am realy honest, I am surprised that I have managed to run my work projects as well as I think I have. I say that because having been working with my colleagues for long enough to know that if I was not “on the ball”; they would tell me! There have been many things that have suffered a little bit while I have taken my year out to fix a few things and tidy up a few affairs, a year that has simply been the fastest on earth.

It’s a strange feeling as for as long as I can remember I have been up to my tits in project work, and now I have had to invest in a big telly to try and keep glued to it for long enough at night so that I don’t get too bored! Yeah, good luck there Kenny-boy, you get bored sitting on the throne!

Looking ahead, something that most of my cloest friends seem to be be doing right, now I am beginning to hear phrases that in some alien way we have all almost feared hearing ourselves saying; even as I get closer here to having to type it; it’s weird: settling down!

I said in an email recently that we have all got shit going on now that extends further than “beers at the weekend”, and it can be a real sobering moment to realise this is where we are all at!

I for one, have said since about 0837 on March 29th 2004, that I had taken my whack at living my dreams and done everything I want to do, the next bit requires a wife, lol!

In the 27 secs I have had for lunch every day for the last month or so that I have been working on my latest project, many of the above words have reverbirated around my head.  I think it’s good to say it, get it over with and get on with living out the plan having made it.

Honda’s string of campaign’s of late have hit the nail on the head …get out there, do what you want to, before your heart decides it has other plans, from which you won’t ever escape.

… if you’re heart has already decided, then you’ve probably found your soul mate!