Have a plan!

… I have come to realise that a man needs a plan, a plan to drive him, and a plan to help him along his way. This plan takes time to develop, the amount of time varying greatly. The plan will change all the time, but that’s where the flexability of your plan is tested.

Every now and again there is a “showstopper”, and you need to stop, step off, and reasses what it is you are trying to achieve …

… pick your project team carefully, selecting those you want to travel with, those you can reply on and those you want to celebrate successes with. As with all plans, working on it together with someone makes the goal easier to achieve and the journey more fullfilling.

My plan started on March 11th 2004, and I am still in planning!

The GOAL? Still working on that too!

October 5 2004
London, UK